New Parents, Young Mothers: When Parenting Isn't What It is Cracked Up to Be

If you ever wanted to share how you really felt about being a parent, then you just might want to get Nicholl McGuire's book, When Mothers Cry.  It is packed with insightful information on a variety of issues related to motherhood--some you know about and others you have yet to experience.  It may not be wise or right to come out with everything that is on your mind right now about parenting.  People have a way of taking what you say and do when it comes to babies and children and using it against you.  In When Mothers Cry, Nicholl shares some of her experiences and how she was at times emotionally uplifted and other times negatively impacted due to a lack of support, finances, and the like when it came to her four children, work, spirituality, and relationships.

Sometimes you will find that people who mean you well either forgot what it was like when they started out as a parent, avoid rehashing the past, or simply don't care too much about parenting, because they are in a different place now in their lives.  Some will even chalk most things up with phrases like, "It is what it is...To each his own...I mind my own business."  Maybe that is not what you want to hear.  Maybe you are on the verge of losing it!  Maybe you, dare I say it, resent being a parent and wish that you had made a different decision. 

Wherever you are in life and whatever you feel, know that it is very common to have a variety of emotions when caring for a crying infant, arguing with an irritating mate, and trying to be a friend to everyone else.

Get When Mothers Cry today and hopefully you will utilize some of the material to help you keep fighting the good fight for the sake of your family and most of all for your own personal well-being!

Women: a biblical study/commentary on Rebekah

Sometimes the one true God has a funny way of showing yourself or others in the Bible.  Watch as well as pray.  Find someone in the Bible with whom you can relate.

To Prevent Kids' Food Allergies, Start Peanuts, Eggs Sooner | Yahoo! Health

If you ever wondered why nowadays children have so many allergies to foods that weren't an issue many years back, here's why....FYI introduce your babies to certain solids early to prevent future food allergies.  Learn more below:

To Prevent Kids' Food Allergies, Start Peanuts, Eggs Sooner | Yahoo! Health

Poem: Time is Love

Small boy walks, grows up talks.
"Mama look and see,I can write a three."

"Go play dear!" Boy wipes a tear.

Small girl cries, dad always lies.
"I'll make time, here take this dime."

"I don't want it, sit here a bit."

"No not now, I'll make a vow.
You go play, I'll be back your way."

Small boy walks, grows up talks.
"Things to do, no time for you."

Small girl cries, dad always lies!
"Have no time, busy making a dime."

A picture of a dove, no time to love.

Nicholl McGuire 

Note:  Don't let time pass with your children pass you by.  Be pro-active in your child's life.  This doesn't mean stop living yours, but choose your time wisely, because they grow so fast.

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