Family Plans - When Things Just Don't Turn Out Like You had Hoped

From planning when to have a baby to when to send a child off to college, as much as a parent thinks he or she has everything figured out, along comes a surprise or two that throws everything off its course!  But before you give up, just know that there are always additional ways to achieve goals.  You don't have to let feelings of discouragement get in the way of your dreams.

1.  What is your Plan B, C, D...since Plan A is no longer doable?   Take a deep breath, with pen and paper in hand begin to write out what you need to do next.

2.  Check the Internet for new keyword phrases and other thoughts that come to mind related to your challenge. There may be answers in places that you least expect online.  (ie. yellow page directories, forums, videos, blog radio, online bible sites, free article web pages, and blogs like this one.)

3.  Seek out a source who "has been there, done that" to find out how he or she solved a similar dilemma.

4.  Walk away from the trouble.  Sometimes a trip away from the place that you first heard the bad news will clear your mind a bit.  When dealing with a troublesome individual, choose a different way to communicate with the person.  You might want to consider the help of a mediator.

5.  Re-evaluate your information.  At times we jump to conclusions without fully reading material or seeing the benefits of the challenges we face.

When you know that things are getting to be a bit difficult to plan/discuss, reconnect with yourself!  External people, places and things can rob you of your peace.  No matter what issue you are dealing with, try hard not to lose your mind in it!  Break down all tasks/issues into smaller things to do.  Keep away from those individuals who like to say, "What if...What are you going to do...If I were you...Why don't you..." far too often than you can handle their suggestions/concerns/problems.  The more you let their words permeate your ears, the more stressed you can become.

Have a good week!

Nicholl McGuire

Keeping Children Safe From Sexual Predators : Child Safety Tips for Bein...

In past media reports and to date, there have been teens who have received rides from people they barely knew.  Many were never found, others were eventually discovered murdered.  Teach children both young and older not to accept rides from people they really don't know.  Just because he or she has seen them around the neighborhood or a friends knows the person doesn't mean they are trustworthy!

Talk to Children

They go to school five days a week.  A lot goes on there, but what exactly?  Ask the kind of questions that will help you get to know more about your child and his or her school.

1.  Which class do you like the most and why?
2.  Do you hope to do that sort of work when you are older?  Why or why not?
3.  What do you eat for lunch?  What is your favorite meal?
4.  Do you have a best friend?  What is it about her/him that makes this person your favorite?
5.  Is there anyone you don't like and why?
6.  Do you have a favorite teacher?  What do you like about that teacher?
7.  Which day do you have most of your tests?  Is there something I can help you with to make it easier to study?

The questions can go on and on, but you get the picture.  Find out what is happening with your child at school.  You can ask little ones, "What made you happy today?  What made you sad?  Who is it that you like or don't like?  What did your teacher say to you today?  What did you like the most about your day?  What made you angry?  Did you draw/read/play/sing/write/take a nap/sit by yourself?"

Nicholl McGuire

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