5 Things You Will Regret About Parenting If You Don't Get it Right Now

Parents who died with many regrets are buried six feet deep.  They didn't get it right while they lived no matter what nice things a pastor said about them.  But you are alive and you still have time to get it right with your partner and children!  Don't die with regrets, do what you can to parent children effectively and (God willing) they will thank you for your efforts later in life especially when they have their own children.  Also, consider what a partner is telling you when it comes to parenting, not as disrespectful criticism, but as wise counsel.

So what might some parents being doing wrong right now?

1.  Not spending enough time teaching children quality life lessons.

They can only learn but so much from television, educational devices, peers, teachers, and other relatives, but what about you?  What have you shared with your children today to help them do well in school, stand up for themselves, get along with others, maintain a clean and organized atmosphere, and plan for the future?

2.  Forgetting to note or record moving memories.

The action, image, or interesting thing a child says is right there and you did nothing.  You didn't even bother to recreate the moment.  Value it!  Most likely, what moves you now will move you later in life and who knows, be a life lesson for your son or daughter during a challenging time.  So have your recording device ready or jot down what you heard.

3.  Saving money for education or other child-related goals.

You know there are things you want them to do and they have shared with you goals, so what financial backing are you giving them other than lip service?  Don't be upset later in life when they aren't giving their all to something or forgot about dreams, you didn't pay for them!  You were too busy to research, and you didn't bother to network with others.  Parents and children that are above average go beyond daily responsibilities and find out what path they can put children on that will help them achieve personal goals while being productive members of society.  What could you put in the Google search engine this day that will help direct you and your children?   

4.  Establishing healthy partnerships with extended relatives.

So many parents overlook those relatives who are not in their circles.  There are second and third cousins, great aunts and uncles, and other family members who just might add value to your children's upbringing, yet you don't bother.  A simple letter with a photo will get a relationship going.  Attending a celebration or family reunion will build new connections.  These days DNA analysis will also help bridge gaps since Ancestry.com will connect you with relatives you didn't even know you had.  There is also Facebook too.  So look beyond your circle, not everyone is bad in your family, in the exes, on your mom or dad's side, and others!

5.  Showing love, kindness, generosity, and patience on a consistent basis.

Days will come and go some good, some bad.  You will need to discipline, correct, admonish, and more in your household.  However, your teachings will go a long way when you are loving, kind, and patient.  You will also need to be generous especially during times when the world has treated partner and children unkind.  Practice healthy ways of expressing love in your household and you will get it back sooner or later.  However, walk around with an iron fist and one day, everyone will want to overthrow the king or queen.  You might feel like everyone is against you now, think about what you are saying and doing to the relatives for them to want to build a coup against you.

There have been many generations blessed over the years because families put differences aside and they worked together.  They made right connections and severed the toxic ones.  They focused on achieving goals and did what they could to make family work.  If you love your family, you will do what you can to bring peace to your home.  It would be a pity to have such wisdom, but do nothing and end up on a death bed full of regrets, don't let this happen to you!

Nicholl McGuire shares spiritual insight on YouTube channel: nmenterprise7.

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