What Date Night? The Tips that Mean Well But Don't Always Work

Baby, Baby Girl, Sleeping Baby

"You need a date night."  Date nights didn't help a failing relationship; instead they took away from money that could have been better used to help pay for the divorce attorney.

"You need more alone time."  More anything goes out the window when you have a newborn to care for and you are the stay at home mom or dad as well.  Try break time and even that is determined by the baby.

"Get out more."  When you work from home, that happens very little.  You are everything to your business.  Throw in managing a family and "getting out" is a luxury that happens once in a blue moon.

"Take some time off."  If you receive paid personal and sick time, good for you--take the advice.  If not, manage your bills and then see if you can make extra money to make up for that day you want off.

"Buy something for you."  Whatever that "some thing" is it is usually on sale, not what you really want, or you have to put it back, because there are other pressing needs.

I'm sure you can think of a few more.  Don't hate the person who advises such things.  Just smile and walk away.  It's obvious, they don't know you or your family like you do.  Be blessed, do what you can when the time comes.  Never put pressure on yourself or loved ones just because some one advises you to do something.  It takes time to rework schedules, create budgets to fit in needs, and other things.  When the time is right, you will know it!

Nicholl McGuire is the author of many books and a mother of four sons.  Sometimes she feels out of her mind, but she manages by saying, "I will not be everything to everyone.  What would they do if I wasn't here anyway to serve them?  They would live...and life would go on.  Take one day at a time, my friends."

On Loving Your Children

The love that you can't explain.  It is a wonderful emotion that comes along when you least expect it after your baby boy or girl has been born. You are ecstatic, nervous, worried, or even irritated about what is ahead.  Life is never quite the same.  Then you do this again and again and you find yourself being a pro at it. You know a lot more, you have been through much and for some they never want to do it again!

Loving your offspring doesn't have to be a challenge, but it can be depending on your personal view. Some people are quite negative when it comes to child-rearing and others not so much.  Many families don't fall apart when challenges show up, but there are plenty that do.  Those that fail don't seek necessary help outside of themselves or toxic circles.  Some parents complain, badmouth, lie, and fight with their children.  They don't seek anything more than a rabbit hole of misery.  But we all have a choice, don't we?

Today we can choose to be that one who shows love, appreciation and care for children or we don't. The world is tough enough and we only make it worse when we don't parent children effectively and when problems arise don't seek professional help.  Whether your children are with you or not, love them, you just might be the only person they can trust.

Nicholl McGuire shares wisdom on YouTube channel NM Enterprise 7

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