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Gift Idea - Journaling For Kids - Why Writing A Journal Is Great For Children

I’m sure a lot of us kept diaries when we were kids. The trope of the angsty youngster pouring out their heart into the pages of their diary is a well-established one, for good reason. Whether we used our diaries to complain about our parents, bewail our unrequited crushes, or (as a couple of girls at my school did - to mixed effect…) leave them ‘casually’ lying around in the hope that a specific target would read the ‘secrets’ within, journaling was something that many of us undertook with gusto.
Nowadays, however, journaling is falling out of favor with the younger generation. This is partly due to the rise of social media. Daily posts and status updates have taken the place of diary entries. While this isn’t necessarily a bad thing on some levels, it’s a real shame that journaling is increasingly being pushed out of children’s lives. Why? Because journaling can be very good indeed for young people - in a way that social media simply cannot.

So, what can journaling do for your child?

•Journaling allows children to express their innermost thoughts. Doesn’t social media do the same? Well, sort of, but not in the same way. The average social media post is calculated to get a reaction from or pass information to one’s social circle. With a journal entry, however, the child can express their innermost thoughts and feelings without fear of the kind of censure or judgment which can occur on social media.
•Journaling helps to develop creativity, providing a place to experiment with language styles.
•By allowing them to express themselves freely, journaling helps children to get to know themselves a little more - to develop that all-important self-knowledge which we all need to be happy and fulfilled.
•As they record the world around them and their experiences with it, journaling can help children to develop observational skills, and perceptive intuition.
•By providing something to look back on - a record of past successes and mistakes - journaling may also teach kids when to trust their intuition, and when to go with their rational judgment.
•Journaling is cathartic - an excellent way to process and eradicate negative emotions. Not for nothing is journaling used as a form of therapy in the mental health fields!
So, while it’s not for everyone, it might be worth buying your child a journal this Christmas.

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How to Get that Mind, Body, Spirit Back After Kids - Personal Experience

It's a struggle when you don't really feel like it, don't want to, and have more excuses than most, exercising not just body, but mind and spirit too!

I admit I felt a bit lazy after childbirth one, two, three, and four.  But the kids' cries were a motivation for me.  I wanted to get out the house!  So I grabbed the stroller, dressed them well, and headed out as long as there wasn't a blizzard or a rain storm.  I wasn't about to stay in the house all day with a crying baby!

Sometimes we can be so caught up in the routine of doing some things that we neglect ourselves. Having children isn't a license for letting yourself go mentally, physically and spiritually--you are more than just a parent!

Keep in mind, you aren't any good to a child if you don't take some time for yourself.  No one wants a tempermental, overweight, and resentful person around them for always--I know--lived it.

It is okay to give yourself a time out for you!  Trust me, the people around you may have either told you or secretly wish you go away fro awhile.  You can delegate some responsibilities to other members of your household (pick up toys, dust, clean bathrooms, take out trash, organize, run errands, etc.) even if they turn up their nose, pout or complain.  It took two to make a baby, remember?  Throw in the grandparents and other relatives who want to see and do for your children--well create some opportunities for them while you get some needed stress relief.  If you don't have the luxury of having kin around, you can look for babysitters with excellent references, visit nearby schools, check for good Samaritans at the local churches who other parents boast about, or daycares with great reviews.

I willed that I would do some things differently to get my mind, body and spirit back after the birth of my children and I did ( I am a size 6, I have written over 10 plus books since their birth, participated in media interviews, and relocated with husband a few times)  Children haven't stopped me from my goals and they shouldn't with you either!

The following is a list of what I did to claim me back again!  It didn't take long to fit in my jeans, get back to work, and maintain my household.


1.  Positive images.
2.  Self-hypnosis to encourage weight loss.
3.  Dieticians
4.  Taking vitamins and supplements.
5.  Long walks.
6.  Doctor's visits.
7.  Eat healthy--always working on that--oh the holiday season!


1.  Reading uplifting work.
2.  Painting.
3.  Sitting and walking at a park.
4.  Studying something new.
5.  Journaling or audio record highs and lows. (Check back to see or hear progress).


1.  Meditating on inspiring words of faith and praying.
2.  Participating in spiritual fasts.
3.  Reading the Bible. Concentrating on Scriptures to aid during difficult times.
4.  Church attendance.
5.  Being around or talking to close family members and friends.

In between doing all these things on different days, I was able to get other things accomplished like teaching children, home organizing and lending my service to others like a woman who was dying from cancer needing her hair braided.  Sometimes we have to stop the complaining, fault-finding, and personal jealousies of others and appreciate all what we have.  Times with her were humbling experiences.

When you make up in your mind that you aren't just going to say you are going to do things, but plan to actually do them on designated days without too much thinking or excuse-making, you will start doing them naturally.  Your spouse or partner will notice you are working hard to improve you and will become more attracted to you.  Your children will appreciate your fresh, patient, and kind attitude toward them.

Nicholl McGuire
Blog Owner and Author of When Mothers Cry

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