10 Mistakes We Make with Our Children Everyday
We have all been guilty of many of the following parenting mistakes. Find out what you could be doing to cause problems for you and others when it comes to raising your children and do something about it. Article explains.
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Childhood Habits Are Hard to Undo - Let's Use It to Our Advantage

I was just thinking how wonderful it would be if parents used their power to create healthy eating habits.

I for one cannot eat a meal without a salad first. I'm a firm believer that this is what maintains my overweight sibling's cholesterol and sugar levels in top condition. Our family has an ingrained habit of: veggies first.
Watching TV me
ant time for oranges. My mother would peel them and pass them out. I got a little more creative and now other fruits are part of our TV viewing.

We can create habits, but habits are created by repeating behaviors. It's easier to create habits by role modeling them and we know that.

One of my coworkers started to bring fruits for her lunch and was asking my opinion about exercise programs. When I asked what motivated her to change she said that her child came home crying saying she doesn't want to be fat.

This week I read an article in the Chicago Tribune that made me feel helpless. The article states that we all know we are getting fat, we know the benefits of eating less and moving more, we know that getting fat is not good for your health and even with all that, the article ends with a gloomy message: we know we are fat, we know what to do to change, now leave us alone!

The author is right, and as a pediatrician more days than not I feel helpless, but if we leave you alone what is going to happen? Obesity is the only epidemic we have on our hands and if people are not willing to change it will be catastrophic.

I don't believe parents would do anything to harm their kids, but we are harming them.

Very unfortunately obesity is a chronic disease, because children do not wake up with a tummy ache, vomiting or high fever which would make parents rush to our offices asking for help.

Creating healthy habits can be very simple if you make feeding your family top priority.
Lets go back to basics: eat healthy, have fun with your kids, turn off your TV, sleep well.
By Jane Menezes
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Fever Seizures Explained

Fever seizures are actually quite common among individuals - specifically, children. These are also identified as febrile seizures. Many medical professionals actually refer to these as fever convulsions.

When an individual experiences a drastic increase in the body temperature as a whole, they may start to experience muscle spasms that are considered to be uncontrollable. In nine out of ten cases, the individual that suffers from these types of seizures are under the age of eighteen. In most cases, the fever that induces the seizure exceeds that of 102.0 F. In this medical guide, you will learn facts pertaining to this type of seizure.

Are Febrile Seizures Common?

Surprisingly, febrile seizures are quite common among young children. As a matter of fact, it has been established that at least one child in every twenty five children will experience a fever based seizure at least once. Further statistical data indicates that at least 25% of all children that experience this type of seizure will experience at least one more fever induced seizure before becoming an adult.

The age group that is most often affected by these seizures are infants as young at six months old and children up to five years of age. If an older child experiences this type of seizure, it is likely that they will not have another one. If the child is young when they experience the seizure, chances are that they will have another one in their lifetime.

Will Fever Seizures Cause Permanent Harm?

One of the first concerns of parents with children that have febrile seizures is that the condition may cause permanent harm. On the most part, these particular seizures are not harmful. If the child is standing when they have this type of seizure, they could fall and injure themselves.

If the child has something in their mouth such as food or a liquid, there is a small chance that they could experience choking if they experience a seizure. Despite these small instances in which harm could come to a child, there is a rare chance that brain damage or any other type of permanent damage could be experienced.

It has been established that anywhere between 2% and 5% of all children that experience these types of seizures will develop epilepsy later in life.

The Symptoms

A child that experiences a fever seizure may not show any warning symptoms prior to the seizure occurring. This is due to the fact that the body temperature increases so quickly. In many cases, the child will completely lose consciousness. In some cases, the child may be observed shaking mildly or in a severe fashion.

Many children may experience stiff, rigid muscles for which there is no other explanation. These types of seizures may last only a few seconds or they may last up to a couple of minutes. If your child experiences a seizure - regardless of body temperature - it is important to ensure that a medical professional is consulted. Only a doctor is able to officially diagnose a fever seizure in an individual.

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