Make the Time for Your Children Even if It Hurts

In the past you use to read books to your children, take them to various events, and allow them to have fun in the kitchen with you, but what happened? You stopped. You grew weary of breaking up fights, became exhausted with everything else you had to do for them, and much, much more! You really want to make the time for them, but every time you get ready to, you pull back. Why?

I thought about this question myself during the first few days of winter break. I hadn't forgotten about the past accidents I had to clean up, because I let them paint or the flour that spilled on the countertop. But I fought my negative thinking and one day I just awoke with a plan. I made myself get involved with them at least for a few hours. There would be no video game playing, no television watching, and no talking on the phone. We would connect daily even if it meant I had to gather all four boys around the table and just fire questions at them for a half an hour. It worked! I committed to this daily during all but three days of winter break.

What started out as a few minutes of time assisting the children with projects I planned for them with some input from them, ended up being hours of activities. Some of which kept them so busy that you would have never known there were four boys in the house. I was happy and relieved. I really wanted to spend time with them, but I hadn't quite figured out in the beginning "the what" and "when."

Sometimes we spend too much time planning and not enough time doing. When you notice that you aren't doing much (like surfing the net and watching YouTube video after YouTube video,) shut the computer down. Walk over to your son or daughter and just ask them about their day. Think about something you haven't done with them in awhile then start getting your clothes on, grab a coat, put on your shoes and meet them at the door.

Life is too short, busy is just another excuse. Make the time for your children even if it hurts.

Nicholl McGuire

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