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Things You Don't Want to Do While Working from Home
Working from home is challenging enough, so you just don't want to do these things to cause more havoc to your already stressful life.

1. Over-eat, sleep or stay up late too much while neglecting your body. This only makes you often tired which will cause you not to want to stick with your business.

2. Avoid setting up space for children to roam. If you don't respect your office space, why should your children?

3. Take personal calls or surf the Internet while you are supposed to be working.

You will hinder your ideas and you will not be dedicated to your business with all the distractions.

4. Lie to yourself about being in business when you know you have done nothing for your business ie.) market, partner with others, edit your work, respond to email, return voice-mails, or plan things like an event, a campaign or something else business related.

5. Exaggerate your skills and services. So many entrepreneurs want to look like those businesses that have large marketing teams, employees, and more. You are in business for yourself, so don't say things about your products or services that potential customers can clearly see or possibly look up about you and your business. If you are the only person at work, but have the resources to help your client then say that. But if you make a claim that "my people" will get that done in 24 hours and don't fall through, you will have an angry client on your hands that just might bad mouth you on the Internet.

6. Pass information around that is unprofessional including offensive material on your social networking page. Potential clients view those pages and they get a good idea what kind of person you are based on what you post up. So if you are gay, white, happy, free, and have no children, yet you post things that talk negatively about women, married couples, blacks, and children, most likely you won't get any loyal customers. Sooner or later you will most likely anger some more people too.

7. Tell everyone you know that you will give them something free or discount your service because your competitor's prices are a little much. You may have yet to make a profit that will pay for all your nice gestures. It isn't difficult to figure out what happens when you offer freebies, undercut competition, and make promises that you may not be able to fulfill one day. You will be out of business.

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3 Popular Sites for Baby Names

Whether you are expecting or simply curious about your children's names, there are some very good sites that can give you information about baby names.  Check out the following:

1. - on this site you will view the baby name of the day, celebrity baby news, trending names, and get some ideas on naming your child based on languages from around the world.

2.  BabyNamesFinder - provides tips for picking out a baby name using inspiration lists.  Also, you can find out which are the top baby names at this moment.

3.  Babyzone - this site gives over 20,000 baby names.  It also gives meaning, origin and more.

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