She's Crazy Since the Baby or Maybe She was Always that Way

One thing that many men don't anticipate is their women will not be those same sweet ladies they once knew prior to child birth, new jobs, relocations, and more. It is then that these men must question were the life changes so challenging to send their partners or mothers of their children over the edge or were they always that way, but the men just never saw crazy-making behaviors coming?

Blog Owner Shares Family Related Insight from Spiritual Perspective

Nicholl McGuire who is a wife and mother maintains this blog and others.  She also expresses her thoughts on Spreaker, a podcast site which broadcasts many thought-provoking audio from individuals around the world. 

Feel free to listen to some of this blog owner's material on Spreaker and connect with her there as well.  If you haven't subscribed to this blog, please do so for the latest posts.  Nicholl is the author of many nonfiction books including When Mothers Cry, Say Goodbye to Dad and Tell Me Mother You're Sorry.  If you are interested in being featured on this blog, feel free to leave comments and thanks for stopping by.  Check out Spreaker today and don't forget to connect.

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Find the Time to Say I Love You

Whether you speak the words out loud, do something kind, or leave a token behind that says, "Honey, I love you,"  it means so much even if they don't act appreciative.  We are all living in a difficult world balancing many emotions.  What would it hurt to say or show, "I love you?" -- Nicholl McGuire

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