We Know There is Something Wrong But We Keep on Living Anyway

You hoped your child didn't end up acting just like the part of you, you simply don't like.  That one a parent never understood, was often impatient with and couldn't wait for him/her to grow up and get away. 

They said, "You're crazy!" and now your child is experiencing the same.

You know deep within there are some things that aren't right within, but they aren't so dysfunctional that you can't go about your daily living.  However, your child might be quite a different story.

At first, we don't want to believe that our children have "issues."  We want them to reason, play, behave, and do all the things that "normal" children do.  But when they behave bizarrely the reminder shows up, "My child is different..."  We know, but we just don't like to face the facts and we definitely don't want others pointing out our children's weaknesses either! 

To think of an awesome and perfect God that many believers speak of and associate Him to our child's suffering provides mixed emotions on the existence of a righteous being.  We question how and why when we are still trying to cope with what went wrong.   We talk ourselves in either believing or not in a perfect God with an imperfect creation.  We make excuses for our hardships.  We gravitate to others with similar woes.  We hope, pray, visit doctors, read books, obtain prescription medicines, herbal remedies, or do nothing. 

And so the fact still remains, something is wrong, but we keep on living anyway.

Nicholl McGuire

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