Things You Will Absolutely Need Before The Baby Comes Home

This list was created for the mother and father who simply can't afford to buy all the fancy things that are available in stores for babies. Their budget is limited and they are only concerned with the necessities. Since many new parent checklists are long and costly, consider the one following this article. It is short and inexpensive, then later when you have more money you can splurge on the luxuries.

When you are deciding exactly how much to buy, think in terms of days of the week and how often you think you might need to change the baby's t-shirts, diapers, blankets, etc. A baby when first brought home will sometimes be changed as much as 8-10 times a day, using about three to four wipes between changes, and feed every two hours. During those feedings he or she may vomit which will require changing burping blankets and possibly clothes. Also, you will have to determine how often you will be taking the baby outdoors and overnight stays with family, then approximate how many outfits you will need. Consider adding an extra outfit in the diaper bag in case of accidents. If you will be primarily at home with baby, then you will want to buy body suits, side snap shirts, pull over shirts and/or gowns first. You won't need every style of baby t-shirts that are in the store. The most popular are the baby body suits. Be sure to have at least one outfit for the baby in the hospital for photos and homecoming.

1. Car Seat with a Sun Shader & Stroller with a place to carry bags
2. Homecoming Outfit
3. Burping & Swaddle Blankets
4. Stage One bottles & Bottle Warmer (If breast feeding, pump, bottles and breast milk storage bags.)
5. Diapers & (large) Diaper Bag
6. Baby Wipes & Wipes Warmer
7. Baby Body Suits & Socks
8. Caps & Booties
9. Bassinet or Crib (you don't need to have both, some babies never connect with the bassinet.)
10. Bassinet or Crib Sheets
11. Netting for Bassinet or Crib (only if you have another child, pet or problems with insects or rodents.)
12. Changing table with vinyl pad (easy to wipe off messes)
13. A three or four drawer dresser
14. Diaper pail with refill bags
15. Baby Carrier
16. Body Wash
17. Shampoo
18. Lotion
19. Cotton Swabs and/or Cotton Balls
20. Petroleum Jelly
21. Baby Mittens (baby's nails grow quickly and at times he/she will scratch face.)
22. Nail Clippers
23. Brush & Comb
24. Digital Theromometer
25. Humidifier
26. Bath towels and washcloths
27. Swing
28. Bouncer/Rocker
29. Travel Mirror
30. Bottle Brush
31. Dishwasher Caddy
32. Pacifier
33. Camera
34. Thank You Notes
35. Rocking Chair

NOTE: Although not listed, an infant positioner is a good investment if you need peace of mind that the baby may roll over on to his or her stomach or roll off the bed or couch.

The list above is basic. As he or she grows older, then you can get the High Chair, Play Yard, Baby Gym, Jumper, books, dvds, cds, bath toys, etc. when their neck and back enable them to sit upright. Save the money for what you feel your baby and you will need as situations arise. There are plenty of things most parents don't need, but if someone wants to splurge on your behalf, by all means accept their gifts with gratitude, even if you don't need it. You can always sell the items later at a flea market or online auction. Hope this list helps you prioritize your baby's needs, save money for now and direct it to other things such as lots and lots of formula, diapers and wipes!!

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