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Superdad here, keeping you up to the minute on all things baby. I just got to go shopping for a new perambulation apparatus and was informed by the real power of the house that I needed to get the right kind of stroller.

The right kind of stroller?? It has wheels, you put the kid in it... what did she mean by kind of stroller?

How little did I know.

As it turns out, my survival instincts combined with my Superdad nature and I did a bit of research on strollers. Dads, listen up: there are TONS of different kinds of strollers out there. Save yourself some grief and check out what I found...

Regular or Standard Strollers: these strollers are what you see most of the time at the mall- not that Superdad spends a lot of time at the mall, but it's what you'd use there. It has a place for one kid to sit and maybe a little room underneath or behind for necessities- a few diapers, wipes, a bottle or two... that kind of thing.

But what if you need something for the flea market or church? Something for the back of the smaller car? This is when the Lightweight Stroller comes into play. Lightweight strollers are easily recognizable by their traditional umbrella handled push bars as well as how compact they can break down. Situations when you just need to get the kiddoes moved a very short distance or in a tight space usually warrant this kind of stroller. Generally, they weigh less, and take up less storage space but have fewer features than the others. Of all the types of strollers, the one you can't do without is the Lightweight Stroller.

So what if you have a newborn? You can't put a newborn in just any stroller; it's much smarter to opt for a Stroller Travel System. Stroller Travel Systems integrate car carriers into a medium weight stroller frame that is usually designed to grow with the child to a point. It's not unusual for these Stroller Travel Systems to stay in your home until your child is well into his toddler phase.

That covers most of the conventional stroller choices but there are a few others that you might have to consider if you fit the lifestyle:

Multiple Child Strollers, for those who didn't learn after having the first child. These come in just about every imaginable configuration from twins, to toddler plus twins, to quintuplets. They generally cost more than a normal model but you have to get those rascals around somehow.

Active Strollers are for those of us who would like to stay in shape- these strollers incorporate larger wheels and are designed for the kind of tough treatment you might expect when bringing baby out on the jogging trail or even behind your bike. Common features include hand brakes, larger tires, and lower centers of gravity.

Prams or Fashion Strollers- Remember those old Tom & Jerry cartoons with the stroller with the large wheels, the raised up sun bonnet, the shopping cart handle and the little tyke inside facing mommy? Well, a few things have changed besides the fact that Superdad is just as likely to be the one pushing but the basic design remains. Think of these strollers less as vehicles for moving the kids from A to B, but more of a mobile crib or travelling basinet.

That's it for today's Superdad report... you're now more than ready to get your new edition the right stroller.

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