Girls Want to Express Themselves: Help Her do it in Age-Appropriate Ways

You know your daughter or granddaughter wants to express herself and her personality through her clothes and everything she does. You’ve already seen how picky she can be about what she wears to school or just to hang out with her friends on weekends. Fashion is important to most girls, tweens and teens and now more fashion choices are available.

However, as a parent you may not feel comfortable with the scary Goth-chick look, ripped jeans or overly provocative fashions now available to underage girls. How can you encourage her individuality, her confidence and sense of personal expression in a way that’s fashionable and age-appropriate at the same time?

First, when she knows she is valued and appreciated she will be more likely to take your direction. Second, experts in child psychology say girls encouraged to speak up, share their thoughts and express themselves are more likely to feel self confident and exhibit healthy self esteem. Finally, when she sees an example of confident and loving people around her, she has a great example to follow. When you’re confident – she will be more likely to be confident.

One fashion look that’s become popular among women the last couple years and has trickled down to girls is the surprise of unexpected color. It started with women who wore a black and white outfit and “popped it” with a bright red or yellow purse. Now, almost anything goes when it comes to pairing color in an outfit. That jolt of unexpected color is usually seen in a bag, shoes or a belt. Girls now look for ways to pop their outfits with a jolt of bright color

Enter St. Louis designer James Androuais, age 22, who wanted to encourage girls in a positive way with his business. He saw the skyrocketing fame of MySpace and Facebook websites with girls, tweens and teens. Networking websites where conversations can go back and forth for hours. He noticed girls are constantly expressing with their words and in their appearance. So he created a fashion accessory both girls and parents can love. Now she can be unique, fashion forward and express her point of view all at the same time.

Meant to be worn with jeans, that ever-present fashion staple among girls of all ages, Xpressit belts provide a pop of bright, unexpected color and a little extra. Yes, the belts come in hot, fun colors girls, tweens and teens love including Mimosa Yellow (the “in” color for 2009), Classic Red, Aqua Blue, Limey Green, Bubblegum Pink and Perfect White. But it doesn’t stop there.

After choosing the color belt she wants she gets to choose from little Twistonz (about the size of a penny) that go in the grommet holes around the belt to create a one of a kind look. She can spell her name with Twistonz. If she’s an animal lover there are animal Twistonz with cute names. Does she love shopping? There are Twistonz with a high heel shoe, a purse and words like “Shopping Diva.” Love text messaging and her MySpace page? She can get Twistonz with popular sayings like “BFF,” “OMG” and more.

They have become so popular that XpressIt belts were chosen to be featured in a holiday gift bag loaded with goodies distributed to Hollywood moms with celeb-daughters like Debra Messing, Brook Shields, Heidi Klum and others.

Girls love clothing items and accessories that provide an opportunity to showcase her unique personality and style in ways that are fun and fresh. In a world where almost everything seems is mass-produced, having the ability to change the words and pictures on the belt she wears with her jeans makes her feel a little more special and important.

The possibilities are almost endless. Fortunately, the XpressIt Designs website at has an Ideas page where girls can get a little fashion inspiration so she can see the possibilities. Truthfully, she’s only limited by her imagination and how she wants to express herself.

XpressIt belts and patent pending Twistonz can be found exclusively at or email us for more information at Get yours today! (

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