Are You Looking to Create the Next Great Genius?

Here are some ideas to get you on your way to helping your baby's mental and physical capabilities!

1. Read to your baby.

2. Massage your baby each night before he or she goes to bed.

3. Play classical music.

4. Spend time singing to your baby.

5. Look your baby in the eye and just talk to him or her about anything fun, positive!

6. Allow your baby to spend time exploring his or her toys and environment uninterrupted.

7. Play videos that show and tell what basic objects are. You may want to create your own video pointing out household items.

8. Take your baby to the park and allow he or she to observe his or her surroundings.

9. Bring your baby around other adults and children to enhance social skills.

10. Put money aside for programs such as this GeniusMaker

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