What to Expect From Newborn Babies

Often, a mother about to deliver her babies is accompanied by an excited husband or even other family members who are eager to see the new bundle of joy. Some who have not seen newborn babies may worry about the scrunched face and squint eyes. They would probably count the toes and check every tiny part to make sure that the baby is more than alright but just perfect. Of course, no matter what the baby looks like, families should welcome him with great warmth and love. Here are some of the things that families can expect from newborn babies:

Not ad-ready

Your newborn may be naturally cute to you, as a parent, but face it: your baby will not win a spot in a television ad from the time he is born. He will still be wrinkly like a little old person and reddish, as if he has come out from a reddish muck - which is not really that far from the truth.

Possibly with strange colored eyes

Some people are not born with the eye colors that they will have when they are all grown up. Caucasian babies may start with blue eyes that will eventually turn brown or green, or remain blue. Other babies may be born with brown eyes that will turn darker as they grow up.

With hair or none

Do not worry if your baby is born with little or no hair. Some babies are born like that but eventually have thick hair as they grow. Other babies may have a full head of hair when they come out. Some blond babies may have darker hair when they are older.

By Donna F. Houston
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