How to Tell Your Spouse You Need Time Away from the Children

You may be the parent who is always doing for the children while your partner is working, while he or she is away on business, and anything else he or she is doing. You organize and clean the household, you run errands, and you do other things to keep the house operating smoothly. However, lately you have been feeling burdened by the demands and all you want is an outlet -- a place to go and things to do that have nothing to do with children.

Well I have some suggestions based on things I have actually did before I had another nervous breakdown (That's right I had a nervous breakdown as a result of all of the stress managing the children and my business woes.)

First, meet with your partner being sure to specifically express how you feel. Second, communicate what you desire to do. General conversation just won't do. Someone who is logical wants the bottom line. "What do you want from me?" He or she will be thinking. What you will need to do is ask, not tell them what you need. "I was thinking would you be willing to ask your parents to assist with the children while I go out of town to XYZ?" You will then explain what you will be doing and why you must leave at said time. Will your selfish partner object at first? Yes. This is when you move into the next step. Third, reiterate why the needed free time is important to you and how long you will be gone. Lastly, be sure that you will protect your trip or anything else you desire to do. What I mean by that is you don't want him or her to sabotage your efforts in getting away. So buy the travel insurance, be sure you are dropping the children off rather than waiting on him or her, and make sure that you have the money to do what you want BEFORE you announce your trip. He or she will most likely make a stink about how you were already planning and you didn't care about what he or she thought, but for your own peace of mind, you do what you must!

I personally believe that the reason why so many parents end up committing suicide or murdering their children, co-workers etc. Is because selfish people never bothered to read the signs. They were too busy asking, "Well could you stay longer for me? Work later for me? Postpone return going to school for me? Watch the children just one more week for me? Buy this for me? Your answer should be, "No, no, no!"

Stand up for your mental health, because if you don't, no one else will!
Nicholl McGuire

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