Controlling Eczema On The Scalp: How To Help The Rash Subside

Scalp eczema not only has itching and dryness but there can be some swelling and even cracking of the skin in certain people.

Like other forms of eczema, there can be some scales as well as blisters and cracks. This is not easy for parents to see when a son or daughter has this problem. Plus kids have a hard time not picking at flaking skin or scratching something that is itchy.

Kids can care a lot about what others think so try to help your child be at ease and not feel uncomfortable. Let him or her know that it takes longer to heal when things are picked at and that they should do things to take their minds off of it.

Also other kids probably will only notice if they are picking and scratching at their scalp so remind them of that as well.
Use antihistamines to help them deal with the itchy sensations as those are hard to ignore and it takes tremendous self-discipline to resist the urge to scratch the areas.

There are some ways to help combat eczema, though for some people it is a chronic condition that cycles and flares up from time to time. Don't let this stop your energy in pursuing a solution to the problem, but just expect it for a while.

First of all, check the ingredients of your shampoo products as well as gels and styling items. It is best to use natural products and avoid ones with perfumes, alcohol and other ingredients that can cause allergic reactions. Try to avoid rubbing anything into the scalp that you are not sure about. Don't use hot water but make sure the water is only warm. This is a habit that isn't easy to change. There are products made with aloe vera that can be used to style the hair.

If your skin is itching, use an oil such as coconut, flax seed or almond oil. Eczema skin requires hydration and we tend
to dry our scalp out by frequent showers as well as sitting in the sun. Avoid the sun and use a spf of 25 or higher in that area. Internally eat foods that will give you foods with omega 3 oils as well as vitamins a, d and e .

Don't use anything abrasive in the scalp area and try to take off wool caps in the home and non-cotton coverings.

By: Jill Cohen
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