Family Activities Don't Have to Cost Money Just Your Time

There are a many books, discussions and video about what to do with the family. Some people take the advice in stride, others are overwhelmed by all the information and still others don't care much at all about family activities. There are those many of us are already familiar. You know the ones where you visit grandma, grandpa and relatives. However, there are other family activities that don't require visiting anyone or spending much if any money.

Take walk around the local neighborhood.

Sometimes we are so busy going in and out of the neighborhood that we don't take the time to really look at our community, nature, and speak to neighbors. Take frequent strolls around the neighborhood and point out things along the way to your child. Ask about the color, shape, and texture. If you have a faith, use this time to teach your child about the things people didn't create like the sky, wind, trees, flowers and more. If you have older children, take the time to talk to them about life experiences and ask how they feel about the way things are going in their lives, what their plans are in the future, and what has been happening lately with their friends.

Draw pictures with your children.

Little ones enjoy learning new things. Utilize this time to show them how to make a face, paint, or illustrate something very unique. If you have experience using various software programs, take the time to teach your older ones how to make some interesting creative pieces.

Invite them to help you spring clean.

Going through old things is a great way to get children involved in family history. Tell the little ones a few stories while holding up your keepsakes while allowing them to look at the items closely. You can explain why some things are worth keeping and why other things you rather do away with. Show your older children how to make signs to sell your old wares, teach them how to list on eBay, or Twitter the stuff you are trying to sell.

List more interesting activities to do with your family that cost nothing but your time. Note your plans on a calendar and stick to them.

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