How Children Benefit From Bedtime Stories

For generations, the nightly ritual of bedtime stories has been a precious tradition of parents and children. The kids look forward to it especially if both parents have been away the whole day at work. Parents, on the other hand, see it as a way to give their kids their undivided attention.

Young children, especially toddlers are so active and hyped up throughout the day that getting them to settle down and prepare for sleep can be challenging. Reading bedtime stories is an effective calming activity. While they listen to mom and dad read them a story, they slowly wind down as their excess energy gradually dissipates.

Having a clear routine is important in a child's development. It forms the basis for self-discipline among other things. Reading bedtime stories helps in establishing routines. By constantly doing this routine at the same time every night, children will know that there is a time for playing and a time for sleeping.

As they look forward to this special bonding time with his parents, they will associate it with going to bed and sleeping. This slowly makes going to bed less of a struggle as they get used to the routine.

Listening to stories improves the child's listening skills and imagination, and thus helps in the development of the child's intellect. Curiosity is heightened and encouraged as they ask questions about the story they just heard.

Lastly, the basis of open communication between parent and child is also established through this nightly routine. Parents will learn their children's interests through their questions and choice of bedtime stories. On the part of the children, they learn to express to their parents their thoughts and feelings when they make comments, feedback, or questions on the story.

Beth Dedrick has been writing articles about children for the past four years. She also likes to write about paper products, including 5x7 envelopes and when it is appropriate to use colored envelopes.

Beth Dedrick

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