5 Things a Single Father Should Know About Their Kid's School

Single fathers can feel cut out of the picture when it comes to staying on top of the events and procedures at their kids' schools. There is plenty of information to handle, from homework to after school activities. Some announcements may come home with kids and get lost. But these ten tips can make life much easier for everyone:

First, make sure teachers know that the kids have a single father so there won't be any misunderstanding. Don't depend on the kids to relay this information. Make the information known and be clear about it.

The second step is to be sure to make it to Back to School night, PTA meetings and any other opportunities to meet and connect with school administrators and teachers. At Back to School Night teachers may describe classroom rules and leave contact numbers. They may even describe the course curriculum. Back to school night gives single fathers a chance to gauge the tone of the school, general procedures and the appearance and layout of each of their children's classrooms. It is an important way to learn about a school.

A third point? Be sure to ask about free tutoring service or resource rooms in the school. Many schools offer after school tutoring for free. Sometimes, teachers can recommend names of experienced tutors. Busy parents sometimes can use these services to help their children succeed. Find out where resource centers are located and where free tutoring takes place.

The fourth step? Be pro-active and be sure to check for papers and announcements that come home with children. Have a file folder set up for each class as well as school activities. If there are permission slips to be signed, due dates for major projects or other information, stick it in the appropriate folder and consider having sticky tabs with due dates for important papers. Know if the school has a procedure for clear communication about homework and due dates.

Finally, it is vital to understand a school's policy about absences or missed school days. Some won't let children return to school without a permission slip. Other schools have policies that allow only so many sick days per semester or year.

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