How Should You Teach Self Defense to Your Children?

Self defense is not only important for elderly people but also has a huge importance in the lives of small kids. It is essential that you teach your children some basic self defensive moves early in their lives so that they can master them as they grow up. Children are also in very much danger as the adults are. There are many crimes in the world in which children are attacked for instance theft, kidnapping, murder etc. Criminals can easily steal things from children when they are going to schools or playing outside in the playgrounds. Similarly kidnapping is a very common crime these days and children are kidnapped for money. Although you can never prepare a child to face these huge crimes but you can create awareness in his mind how to know when and where he is likely to be attacked.

You can teach your child many basic things which will help him in avoiding many dangerous situations. The first thing you should teach your kids is not to talk to strangers when they are outside. The first thing the criminals do is talk to children and engage them in conversation. You should tell the children how strangers come to them and try to get their attention by talking to them. Children should ignore such people as much as they can. The next thing to teach them is not to take anything, the stranger offers. The criminals who attack children mostly offer candies to them. You should tell your children what it can lead to if they accept things from strangers. Do not let your children go out at night and when they go to parks try to accompany them as much as you can.

Besides teaching these basic thing to your children do tell them how they can perform some simple self defensive moves. Teach them just how to kick someone and run away after-wards. Do not teach them any technique which is related to weapons. Weapons can be very dangerous for children. Therefore weapons should not be given to them before the age of eighteen or twenty. If you create awareness among the children of the dangerous world outside and tell them how to ignore people, then you have done your homework as far as teaching them self defense is concerned. You can teach them complex stuff when they are grown up. It is better to join some professional training institute where special training classes are conducted for children of different ages.

By Imran Al

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Mano said...


Self defense training can save you from the attacks in the real world. In real world an attack is usually over within a short time. A proper self defense training will allow you to use simple techniques to instantly avoid the attacker.

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