When Should You Get A Child Checked Out?

As parents, we can get so busy that we barely have time for a bathroom break! Sometimes we are guilty of putting off seeing a doctor for ourselves and yes, our children too! We reason that if the child isn't crying and clenching his or her stomach in pain, then he or she is alright while praying that his or her runny nose, weird cough or pale face will go away in seven days or less. Well that simply isn't good enough, when should we take our children in to see a doctor?

1. When the basic remedies don't help.

Things like cough medicine and other over the counter medicines are designed to relieve symptoms, but not to cure. When you see that each day your child is getting worse instead of better, take him or her to see a doctor.

2. When the weird sounding cough isn't relieved.

You may have tried the humidifier and bought an over the counter medicine, yet still the cough remains. Don't put it off any longer by easing your worries talking to co-workers, grandparents and the neighbors for their thoughts, make that doctor's appointment!

3. Strange skin discolorations, rashes, hives, and markings that don't heal on their own.

If you purchase a topical cream that is suppose to help the skin heal and it doesn't, don't buy another, have a doctor take a look at it.

4. Body aches and chills that come and go throughout the day.

You may have given your child Tylenol and still he or she is complaining of feeling hot and cold, sweat beads are appearing on his or her forehead and it seems that the child is out of it, don't put this off! Chances are the fever is not breaking and he or she should be taken immediately to the nearest hospital!

5. Ear aches.

These shouldn't be taken lightly either since they can affect one's sense of balance when walking Also, they are a clear indication that other things may be wrong in the body as well.

6. Runny bowel movements.

A simple over the counter medicine should clear this up; but when it doesn't, you know what you need to do.

7. Upset stomach.

Whether it was last night's bad meat, an expired product on pizza or something else, after a 24 hour period any child should be as good as new after taking an over the counter medicine for stomach upset, but what if yours isn't? Don't put this off either especially if you feel that this symptom may not have been caused by food after all.

These are some of the seven most common issues that occur with most children (and adults) but when you have tried everything and nothing seems to work, take your child to a doctor. By the way, if you have one of those bosses who just doesn't seem to understand, well keep this in mind, if you don't get the care your child needs, which would you rather lose, your job or your child?

Other symptoms to pay close attention to:

Frequent headaches, yellowing of lighter skin tones, darkening of skin, black and blue marks that don't seem to heal, scratches or burns that bleed or pus often, lumps on the skin that don't go down or harden, complaints of pain in one's side, aches near the lower back, and problems passing bowels or no bowel movement for a long period of time.

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