If You Have a Mental Disorder...

If you come from a long family line of mental illness, then chances are your son or daughter will have the same or something related to a similar mental illness.  But how do you know for sure?  Try paying close attention to your child's habits.  Share your concerns with your child's pediatrician and if that doesn't work, always get a second and third opinion.  Do your homework.  Find out what are the alternatives to prescription drugs if in fact your child does have a mental issue.  I noticed that many males in my own family as well as on my child's father's side have behaviors very similar to bipolar disorder.  Only one man in our families actually got tested and we found out that he as well as three of his sons also have bipolar disorder.

Some parents refuse to admit that they have mental problems.  Others know they have them, but refuse to see issues with their children.  Why allow a son or daughter go through life wondering, "What is wrong with me?" and why let others assume they know what is wrong with your child?

Here are a few websites worth visiting when researching mental illness and other disorders in children.

Auditory Processing Disorders

Bipolar Disorder in Children & Teens

Mental Illness in Children

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