10 Memorable Things You Can Do For the Babies and Children

Everyone tells you, "They grow up fast!"  If you are a parent with a baby or small child, you are seeing that everyday.  For some of you, expectant parents, reading this, before you know it you will have a baby in your arms and will be commenting on "how beautiful, sweet, wonderful," etc.  But then those whines will begin to take their toll and you will start to forget important moments, people, places, and things.  Life gets in the way of the littlest of things, doesn't it?  Therefore, the following is a simple "To Do" list just to remind you of some things you will want to do, if not for you, for your baby/child.  Recording memories is one of the wisest things you can do, because it helps a son or daughter know one's history, appreciate family, welcome others into their inner circle, create closer bonds in the future with one's own children, and more!  Here are some things you will want to do.

1.  Invest in a good digital and video camera.  Record milestones including photos of you and partner interacting with the baby.  You might also want to get an Digital voice recorder to create mp3 Cds.
2.  Create a traditional photo album/book offline. (Note: blogs get deleted, companies go out of business).
3.  Save all collectible baby items, toys, shoes, etc. (if you don't know what is of value, check online).
4.  Create a blog and include fond memories, personal challenges and wisdom for the future.
5.  Visit as many relatives and friends as you can while the baby is still somewhat new, this way you will be building a network of support early on in case you and your son or daughter should ever need these people in the future.  People are more open to newborns.  Take photos with these individuals holding the baby, share them with your group, and keep thoughtful cards from these people.  Organize their contact information, so that you can keep them up to date on your baby's progress. Preserve this information because one day your child will want to invite family and friends to things like: sporting events, graduation, weddings, etc.
6.  Keep a baby book and include all health information in it including any necessary records.
7.  Consider a calendar or some memento that tells them about how the world was when they were born.
8.  Organize your child's creative work and protect it in things like frames, jars, etc.
9.  Give gifts of t-shirts, cups and other fun things when grandparents and other relatives are far away so that they can treasure your child's memories as well.
10.  Back up photos, scan documents and put what you can in a fire safe.

There are numerous other things you can do once your child becomes older and can draw. Do similar things as mentioned in this entry to preserve their work.  Although some of these tasks might be tedious to some, know that your efforts will be appreciated by you one day, your child, a relative, or who knows, a group one day depending on how popular your child is and what kind of impact your son or daughter might make on society.

Nicholl McGuire

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