What New Moms Should Know About Motherhood But Probably Forgot

Caring for a newborn while maintaining other responsibilities can be a daunting task, but with a positive outlook and the determination to achieve desired goals, you will look back on these times and say, “Where did the time go?”

One.  You can’t do it all, so do even try.  Enlist some help.
Two.  Not everyone will be supportive.  So why argue about or worry over them?
Three. Don’t expect the gifts to keep coming.  People lose interest in baby once they start getting into everything.
Four.  The baby will rob you of your beauty sleep, so put some makeup on and do your hair when you can.
Five.  Your work schedule will be affected for the better or worse.  You will either find that shorter hours is making you appreciate your family more or if you are using the job to run from your family, it will eventually make you resent them.  So find the balance and don't go overboard with trying to be all things to everyone.
Six.  Caring for baby will affect finances.  Extra money oftentimes is non-existent.  So when you get it, hold on to it, because you never know what baby might need.
Seven.  Emotionally and physically you will feel different and may look or act strange to others.  It happens, you don't feel yourself and your body seems to be out of control, so when you feel like you are "losing it" get help fast!!

As much as we love being a mom, sometimes it can be difficult.  This is why it is important that everyone looks out for one another.  If you see your fellow mom online is not typing her usual nice stuff or a mom offline seems to often have red, swollen eyes, something is going on.  Don't take yourself or others lightly, do what you can to get out the house, around people, and use all those "cool" baby tools to your advantage to keep baby happy!

God bless.

Nicholl is the author of When Mothers Cry

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