Parents: Children are Watching You

Sons and daughters grow up to see parents for who they really are. Your little babies may love you today, but one day might become older and despise you. This is a harsh reality, but so true. Think about all the elderly people in nursing homes forgotten, not because their children are so heartless, but because the parent in his or her youth was not a good person to be around, and for many, they never changed. So think twice, before you judge someone for not visiting mom, dad, or grandparents.

As parents we can very easily say one day as rebellious children grow older, “All I did for you, and the nerve of you to treat you me this way!” But children get wise to parents. They begin to witness how mom treats her mom and how dad treats his wife and then they start thinking about how they have been treated or mistreated and so they become distant. They also learn that parents aren't always truthful, don't love neighbors, sometimes steal or cheat, and kill others whether mentally or physically or personally or professionally. When a son or daughter becomes aware of a cold-hearted, sinful parent, he or she doesn't want too much to do with him or her once the child realizes that he or she has options—walk right and treat others fairly and with respect and work toward becoming a better individual or act like your wicked parents and reap the consequences.

We falsely assume that because we had children that some day they will want to connect with us. We hope that they will want to be a part of our lives, take care of us when we are older, and actually like being around us. But this doesn't always happen for all parents. Think about how you might be treating your older parents and relatives. “Sorry, I am busy...I know it has been awhile since I last visited, but you know...” says the busy daughter or son. One day you might be that elderly parent hoping that someone will call or stop by your home.

Now for some mean-spirited adults, they will not experience the kind of love and respect from children like others simply because they don't give it out. For some parents, children are a burden and they treat them as such. They don't bother to nurture them. They rarely teach them instead they leave it up to the school. Some parents spend far too much time scolding than holding. So when the child grows older, he or she isn't interested in having a relationship with so-called dear ole' mom and dad. If a child doesn't see a good example of a loving a relationship between parents and his or herself in a parent's energetic days, then he or she most likely will not know how to demonstrate a healthy relationship with the parents or others. Think about what example you are giving your children now and how might it be conveyed to you once you are older.

Do keep in mind that children observe you—they want to know if you are really as nice, loving, and kind as you appear to be (that is when times are good, but when times are bad, uh oh!) Sons and daughters want to experience a positive relationship with parents. They will test you of course, but it is how you react to their tests that makes a difference.

God bless.

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