Poem: Time is Love

Small boy walks, grows up talks.
"Mama look and see,I can write a three."

"Go play dear!" Boy wipes a tear.

Small girl cries, dad always lies.
"I'll make time, here take this dime."

"I don't want it, sit here a bit."

"No not now, I'll make a vow.
You go play, I'll be back your way."

Small boy walks, grows up talks.
"Things to do, no time for you."

Small girl cries, dad always lies!
"Have no time, busy making a dime."

A picture of a dove, no time to love.

Nicholl McGuire 

Note:  Don't let time pass with your children pass you by.  Be pro-active in your child's life.  This doesn't mean stop living yours, but choose your time wisely, because they grow so fast.

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