Make Family Photobooks to Capture Precious Memories

When I first started this blog, I had a newborn, a toddler, a tween, and soon-to-be teenager at the time.  Then before I knew it they all grew up and fast!  Now I have two boys in school and two who will be out of high school in about four years! 

Lucky for me, I journaled my thoughts about the boys during the early years as soon as they would come to mind.  I also took much video and photos.  However, now that they are older, the digital images are sitting on CDs, portable drives, cameras, and elsewhere.  Thoughts are in notebooks and in document files.  With technology constantly changing, you will find yourself doing much transferring of images in an effort to save your photos and scanning and uploading to save heartfelt memoirs.  Don't put your photos, writings and videos off much longer, start getting them off of those devices and share them with others--mainly the children and grandparents--they would just love to see that stuff! 

Here are some places I have researched to create books (photo as well as traditional books).  Please note:  I don't get any gifts, incentives or coupons for mentioning them.  Feel free to view my work and join me at the following sites where applicable:

1.  Create Space - affordable, available to online stores once approved and published.

2.  Lulu - a variety of book sizes including pocket style!

3.  Smile Books - affordably priced, easy to use.

4.  Blog Booker - from blog to book

5.  Fast Pencil - write, design and share with others including stores too.

6.  Blog 2 Print - turn blog to professional book

7.  Bookemon - create your book online and change your blog into book as well.

8.  My Publisher - frequently offers discounts, coupons. New customers are eligible for free gift.

9.  Shutterfly - variety of ideas you can do with photos.

10.  Picaboo  - photobooks, holiday cards and more.

11.  Blurb - one of my personal favorites, but pricey.

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