5 Things You Should Do When Dropping a Child Off with Relatives/Friends

So grateful someone is willing to watch your child, that you forget to do certain things to ensure that your child is comfortable being watched by relatives. Failing to leave the sitter with adequate supplies is a turn-off for anyone watching your child even if they don't say so.  The likelihood that a family member will watch your child again is less likely, each time you "forgot...I was in a rush...I didn't have any money, so I thought you could..."

1.  Be sure all items such as diapers, pull-ups, special creams, medicines and whatever else a child uses daily is with him or her.  Never assume that the sitter is going to rush out and spend his or her money for your child's issues.

2.  Supply your child with enough toys, favorite dolls, and other things that typically entertain him or her at home while you are busy doing your personal things.  Your relative most likely doesn't want to have to entertain your child the whole visit.

3.  Check the weather and dress your child according to the weather. 

4.  Include change of clothes (outfit and underwear) in your packing, no matter the age.  Sometimes things come up and a child may have to stay over night.  They don't want to have to sleep in Grandma's old gown or Grandad's shrunken boxer shorts.

5.  Leave phone numbers and locations where you will be.  One of the frustrating things about watching one's children is when the parents are no where to be found.  Keep to your promise and stick to the time you will be back to pick up your children.

A little courtesy really does go a long way, you just never know when you will need your loved ones again!  Never assume that they will do anymore for you then they have already done.  Try hard not to take advantage.

Nicholl McGuire

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