Teen Addictions

You never know what a child is up to behind your back until someone or something exposes he or she.  If you have been so busy with other things, an addiction might have slipped into your home without your knowing.  School breaks can be long and boring for many children; therefore they have much idle time to do things that bring on shame to the family.  Some of the addictions that teens tend to develop are as follows.  Check for signs on whether your teen has already been partaking in such behavior(s).

Spending far too much time on the Internet?  Do they shut the computer down when they suspect you are watching?  Do they spend money rather quickly, yet have no evidence of what they spent their money on?  Do they say or do things that leave you scratching your head?  Are they over-protective of their devices, closets, drawers, etc.?  Is everything password protected or locked?  Has a relative or friend warned you about your child's behavior in a subtle way, and you just didn't read between the lines?

Pornography/Sexual perversion - Advice for parents of teen porn, click here.

Smoking - Advice for parents with teens addicted to cigarettes. See here.

Marijuana and other drugs


Prescription Drugs

The more you learn about teen addictions, the more you are better able to help your child!  But before you yell, judge, or talk about your child to others, be sure you are not doing anything that contradicts what you say.  Are you still struggling with your addictions?  Are you behaving in ways that your child can't help but say, "What about you!"  Clean yourself up first!

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