Don't Take a Chance, Avoid Leaving Children Alone

For some parents they can be very irresponsible when it comes to raising children.  They leave babies alone for long periods of time, fail to control meal size and snack times, children are permitted to play with or near dangerous things, while others are allowed to participate in activities far too despicable to name here. 

When confronted on obvious wrongs when it comes to children, some parents, especially those who have been exposed to all sorts of evil during childhood, will justify why, "It's okay...I turned out okay...I don't need anyone telling me how to raise my children, I know what I'm doing."

Years ago, I overheard some news about children who had been left alone and burned up in a house fire, it turned out to be relatives of mine.  The mother was out doing God knows what!  She told no one what she was up to that day.

I have heard all too often children being left in rooms for hours "to play" while adults were in other rooms only to find that an older child is demonstrating sexual acts on younger siblings. 

The longer children are left alone, the probability that they will do something they have no business is likely.  Older children know how to pretend like nothing has happened while parents are away.  They learn how to clean up messes, tell lies, and blame others.  I have heard countless stories of children participating in underage drinking, experimenting with drugs, viewing porn, and doing many other things while parents are busy working, visiting friends, shopping, traveling, and most of all sleep.

If you are a parent and haven't checked your children's phones and gaming devices lately, you might want to.  If you haven't checked up on baby-sitters in awhile, you should.  If it has been a long time since you sat down with children and had a real conversation with them, you should consider doing it.  There are so many people in this world who blur the lines between good and evil and don't mind using children to help create a nonchalant culture.

Nicholl McGuire

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