What I Don't Like About Being a Parent Sometimes

Sometimes as parents we have to say the kind of things that others are too fearful of saying.  But the truth is, there are many things I like about being a parent just like any other parent like: being able to teach, love, care, and do other things that assist my children and make me a better person.

As for the things I don't like:

1.  Feeling more like a maid, a babysitter, a teacher, and a friend, but not much of a mom at times.  But then again, aren't we everything to our families anyway (lol).
2.  Watching money leave my bank account as quick as I get it to pay for yet another thing related to children.
3.  Having to put off buying things for myself more times than I care to mention.  I recall years going by of wearing clothes from my 20s because I couldn't afford to buy a new wardrobe. Now I am back in that season again when the weight is increasing and things are getting tighter (sigh).
4.  I noticed that people seem to care about you more because you are a mother, those "dear children...sweet kids..." If the children weren't around that phone wouldn't ring as much and the generous giving wouldn't be unheard of--this was so true prior to having children.
5.  I feel pressure to overachieve at whatever I do from organizing to working a job, because of the children.  Yet, there is no appreciation, just more requests for more things.  I have to keep reminding them to say, "Thank you."
6.  Invites to activities, fliers from school, and catalogs in the mail child-related always asking for money/donations/volunteering.  Just teach my kids!  I have enough to do and my money can't cover everything, so don't put my children up to asking me!
7.  I seriously wouldn't deal with certain family members and in-laws or acknowledge a single holiday (including birthdays) if it wasn't for my children--can't wait until they get older--FREEDOM!
8.  Constantly reminding children to clean up, put up, shut up, get up, hold your head up...you know the rest while dad sighs.  "Look, I was fine until we pro-created, so get over it," my eyes warn.  "Better yet, you come over here and help with the children, thanks," my feet do my talking for me.

That's it, I'm done.  If you feel frustrated about being a parent sometimes, by all means, please share.  I don't know your family or your friends and besides, they wouldn't care because they are most likely having their share of issues too.  But what keeps many of us from speaking out loud or talking with a counselor, because there is always that one mom who has lost a child warning, "You best appreciate what you have because you never know one day you might lose a child."  So true.  But we are entitled to express times of frustration so that we aren't the ones on television one day walking with our hands behind our backs in handcuffs.

Hats off to all the moms who are at home with children during school breaks!  May God be with you and I! 

Nicholl McGuire, Author of When Mothers Cry

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