Frequent Fussy Baby? Your Daily Baby Plan - Create It!

Everyday doesn't have to be drastically different than the last.  Sure, things will come up, but some part of the day should be routine when it comes to caring for your babies and toddlers.

Let's say that you have been to the doctor's with your baby and all is normal.  Yet, you notice your baby is often fussy at home.  It seems no matter what you do, there is an issue.  Now keep in mind, no two babies are a like.  Maybe your friend who also has that issue discovered it was something she was giving her baby and maybe another friend learned that the home environment was a cause of her baby often crying.  Sometimes there is no serious issue causing the fussy behavior, but what about the baby's routine or lack thereof?

Studies have shown that babies and children do quite well in routines.  Their expectation of when they will be fed, what typically happens in a day, and other things, makes them easier to manage.  In addition, you are better able to control your day. 

For instance, if your child typically eats at a certain time in the morning, but then for the next three days you were to feed him or her during the afternoon, what do you think will happen?  The child will become more fussy, irritable, and might possibly develop a health issue like gas.  But when the expectation is that he or she will eat at XYZ time, the baby is better able to handle his or her emotions because the little person knows the food is coming.

Sometimes parents get caught up in so many activities that they forget to look at the clock; therefore, it seems as if the day is going downhill.  However, no worries!  Even though you can't get the time back, you can slow things down or cut certain tasks out particularly when you have a fussy baby.  It is better to do that then to have to contend with whining, tantrums, and more especially in public!

If you don't have a baby plan, create one!  It is real simple and there are many calendars, tools, schedules, and more to help you.  Your baby plan is a guide that helps you stay on track with your child's activities during the day.  You list what you typically do, include times that you do it, and hang it up on a refrigerator or somewhere in your home that others can see.  This way, if you keep to the schedule, others who might have to watch your child will have no problem picking up where you left off.  Be sure to include things like: meal times, menus, diaper changing times, bath times, reading, swing time, floor play, etc.  By the week's end, review your schedule, if you keep to it, you might learn what patterns that might be contributing to your baby's fussy behavior.  For instance, I learned years ago that I wasn't changing my baby's diaper enough--go figure!?

May your days be well-planned and your baby less fussy!

Nicholl McGuire 

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