Baby Anticipation...Some Things to Put in Perspective

For those who are thinking about having a baby and those who are watching the calendar ever so closely until it's time for delivery, you just might want to go down the checklist of your mind on what your needs are, your partner's, and of course the baby's.  Things might look a bit different since the last time you thought about certain things related to having a baby.

You have heard and witnessed how things change in relationships, on the job, and in other ways once babies are here.  As much as one would like to think things won't change much, they will greatly sooner or later.  So let's go down a mental checklist of how you might be feeling and what more you need to be doing before baby is arrives.

1.  If you aren't a parent yet, then don't rush it.  Sure, the pressure will be on if you are with someone who really wants a baby, but you know what is happening in your life right now and if the idea of having a baby is really grating on your nerves (or your partner's), don't agree to bring one into the world half-heartedly.  Protect yourself or you will be surprised one day whether you or your lover is ready or not!

2.  If you are already pregnant and awaiting the arrival, take it easy.  There is nothing to worry about because even if you messed up badly (bad selection in a mate, became ill due to not following doctor's orders, got into an accident, hurt yourself, baby issues...) and you felt the world was coming to an end, there will always be someone somewhere willing to help clean your mistakes up.  Reach out for help whatever the issue.  The worse thing you can do is keep secrets and wish later you hadn't.

3.  There will be those who will be supportive of whatever you do and others who won't.  Whatever your actions or inactions, you have to know who is friend and who is foe in your circle.  Keep those who stand by you close and others who are against you distant.  Don't reveal so much about your baby related thoughts especially when you aren't completely confident within.

4.  Don't make yourself love someone who doesn't love, respect and appreciate you.  Sometimes the dynamics of relationships change drastically when babies show up.  You might feel unloved, devalued, and more, when this happens, think strongly about living with a partner.  It will be stressful enough caring for a child (middle of the night wake up routines, money challenges, relatives and friends wanting to visit, job wanting you to come back soon...), so the last thing you need is an immature partner causing you additional stress.

5. Are the finances in order?  If not, re-evaluate you and your spending habits.  Your money is not your own exclusively.  You and your partner will have to set aside funds for those unexpected baby needs (like those hospital pictures for starters).  You will also want to research anything you didn't get during your baby shower (that is if you had one or are planning to have one) things like: maternity leave, health insurance for you and the baby, local childcare, diaper prices, lowest formula prices, clothing, cribs, baby changing tables, garbage pails, dressers, clothing, etc.

6.  Family and friends will want to know what is going on with baby plans or your baby's arrival.  Sometimes they can be pushy about things like:  wanting private information regarding baby thoughts, wanting to see the baby, helping you, getting your partner to be more engaging, etc.  Be prepared for the odd things some loved ones say and do.  Keep those you simply don't like or get along with distant if you don't want to have a major falling out with them.

7.  Be sure that you are in the know when it comes to the hospital procedures related to pregnancy, what is expected on the day of delivery, and more.  If you have yet to take any classes or read any books about pregnancy and baby milestones, start educating yourself.  There is always something new to learn.

Having a baby or planning to have one is a life-changing experience and you will want to do your best to think positively, but also anticipate the disappointments as well.  Sometimes things don't go as planned.

Nicholl McGuire shares spiritual insight on YouTube channel: nmenterprise7.

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