Burnt Out Parents, Spouse: Recognize Warning Signs Before It's Too Late

Whether you or a partner is not his or her "normal" self for any number of reasons like:  financial challenges, midlife crisis, menopause, PMS, death of a relative, divorce, too many child related responsibilities, and other issues, the signs are there, he or she is just not able to handle children and/or grandchildren at this time.

What some partners will do is ignore the writing on the wall and proceed with family events, errands, chores, projects, Sunday services, and more anyway; therefore, inviting more family stress.  Then when the burnt out parent shows unbridled anger toward a child or children in front of others, he or she is scolded, abused, sent off to jail, etc.

The signs are always there before any explosive incident.  At first we claim we didn't see the volcano erupting, but when we think for a moment, the warning signs were building up with a loved one.  It is far more easier to create one's false perception of what could be happening to someone else while dismissing the obvious signs, but the truth is usually looking you right in the face, no need to analyze.  A burnt out parent is one who explodes over the littlest of things and there are other clues as well that he or she is headed toward a melt down:

1.  Often tired and never able to get any rest.
2.  Yelling in the car, at home, over the phone and elsewhere about almost anything that creates the slightest inconvenience.
3.  Impatient with loved ones.
4.  Nervousness.
5.  Rigid when touched and/or at family gatherings.
6.  Rude with very young children and the elderly.
7.  Offers to help others even though he or she can't afford to do it (i.e. money issues, little time, patience, etc.) then bad mouths those who needed assistance.

The over-the-top discipline with unruly children is sure to follow and it is at that point one must be watchful and helpful.  Protecting children and offering to assist the burnt out mother and/or father is the best thing one can do.  If need be, consult with professionals about every area of one's life to ensure he or she gets necessary help.  

Nicholl McGuire is the author of When Mothers Cry and other books.  She shares spiritual insight on a variety of topics on YouTube, listen here.

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