Welcome to a Blog for Large Families with Mixed Age Groups

Thank you for taking the time to check out this blog.  I started this work back when I had children in four different age groups, the time is coming back around again.  I will have a young adult, a teen, a soon-to-be middle-schooler and one in elementary school.  Each personality is different and all require some flexibility when it comes to parenting and varying ways of communication. 

There are many useful topics about all age ranges on this blog.  You will find human picked videos, articles and other resources on the site addressing issues related to newborns to teens.  Unlike other blogs, there is no explicit content or harsh humor on this blog, it is family friendly. 

Sometimes as experienced parents we forget things and so this blog reminds us of challenges as they arise and how best to address them.  Do take a moment to click on links provided on this blog and feel free to comment.  Thanks again for stopping by and do share with others.

Nicholl McGuire

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