10 Things that Define a Quality Mother

Sometimes we lose sight as to what defines a quality mother.  The following list are some common traits that show up with caring and loving mothers.

1.  No matter where they are, they check in with children.
2.  They love children even when they are difficult.
3.  They will stand up or fight for their children.
4.  They are not fearful of their children.
5.  They teach sons and daughters about life.
6.  They train children to be respectful and caring toward others.
7.  They brag about children.
8.  They are happy even with the little things that children do.
9.  They ask a lot of questions concerning children.
10.  They encourage family togetherness.

A mother who loves will do what she can, when she can.  Mom is special, treasure the good ones!

Nicholl McGuire is the author of Tell Me Mother You're Sorry and When Mothers Cry.

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