When the Children are Away...

You may be one of the blessed who have a strong support system around you that you can rely on for things like: babysitting, gifts for children, special event attendance, party planning, etc. but there are many parents that don't have those circles.  For many reasons, parents are usually taking turns watching, care-taking, and supporting children.  One is busily working while the other is tending to children.  One is in need of a break while the other is driving children to one appointment after the next.  But when the opportunity comes that children are away, what are you doing?

When children are away, here are some ideas to keep you and your partner close rather than apart:

1.  Discuss plans on what to do when children return.  Re-work anything you both may or may not be doing to bring peace to the home.

2.  Take some time to do the things you really wanted to do in and around your residence.  Whether tasks are big or small, take advantage of that 1 to 24 hours that children are away and get as much done as possible.

3.  Maybe you don't have anything individually that must be tended to, then why not have that date night you have been talking about?

4.  Breathe.  There is nothing wrong with doing nothing while children are away.

5. Pray.  Chances are you haven't spent any quality time with the Lord in a long time.  Drag those prayers out.  Read the Bible or fellowship with Christian friends.

6.  Lastly, enjoy yourself by tending to personal needs (without a partner) from pampering yourself to shopping.  Sometimes time together isn't what you need, but some space away from it all.

Although moments away from children don't come often, when they do come, embrace them and appreciate those who help you gain that much needed quality time!

Nicholl McGuire

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