Harsh Stuff Some Parents Think, The Truth Is

You weren't ready for children and may never be.

You really can't afford them.

You really don't trust your children with relatives or friends.

You don't trust your kids, but it sounds nice saying so.

The kids don't like you much, because they are still holding things against you from as far back as 5.

You aren't into their creative works no matter how much they say, "I made this for you...isn't it nice? I was inspired by Picasso..."

Your parents were right about you and now the grandparents are right about your children.

You don't know what you are doing when it comes to disciplining children, but you convince your spouse and other people otherwise.

You don't like playing with children, you prefer to make money any day.

If you could give kids back to the heavenly Father above, you would strongly consider it.

Parenting isn't easy although you thought it was when you didn't have children of your own.

You prefer to work long hours away from home rather than help with homework.

You prefer to work long hours away from home rather than do other things like: parent/teacher conference, sporting events, plays, recitals--you name it.  No one's judging--we get it.

Your child isn't as cute as others, but hey, it doesn't bother you, right?  He/she is really smart. But then again...

You convince yourself a lot that you will do better than your parents in the parenting department, how's that going?

"Drinking, drugs, rated R, X movies, cursing others...it's all okay for adults..." Who are you kidding?

That "friend" you were hugging...the children know you like him or her better than their mom or dad.

Who are you fooling, you know you don't want to lug your children to church, the family event, or another children's activity, so stop fake smiling?

"Where are the kids going, how long will they be gone, do they have their belongings..."  What do you care?  They are leaving for awhile--yeah!

What would people think if you dressed in a cape, wore a pair of stockings and an S on your chest?  "You look like a d&mn fool!"  But you will do it anyway, it's Halloween, right?

You are out of shape, yet you really try to keep up with the kids.  You know you really need to watch your eating habits and exercise.  How long do you plan on being around for your kids, but then again do you want to be?

Why do I have kids again?

Pregnant again?  Aww sh#t!  I mean I am so happy...

You convince yourself you are a good parent, really?  Let's talk to the kids.

When was the last time you said you loved anyone in your household yet you want them to show some appreciation for you?

So you love your kids more than your partner...your world is all about your kids, eh?  Wow, impressive--wonder how your spouse feels.   So what happens when your children move on and start a family of their own?  Guess who will be around-- that's if you don't end up divorcing before then?

"I put my children before anyone I date...I love my kids...No one can come between my children and I...I will hurt someone about my kids...I will do anything for my children!"  We get the point.  So don't date, be there for your children.

You are too old to be arguing with children, so why do it?

"If I told you once, I told you..."  Keep talking, they aren't listening.

Nicholl McGuire also maintains the blog When Mothers Cry and also check out her book with the same name.

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