The Children Won't Remain Babies, Toddlers for Long

When people told me, "Appreciate your babies...they will grow up so fast...That age goes by so quickly..." they knew what they were talking about!  When I started this blog I had a newborn, a toddler, a tween and a soon-to-be teen.  Those days are like a blur!  If it wasn't for the blog, videos and other things to remind me of some good times, I would have long forgotten!

Your babies are here with you for as long as you welcome them and the mighty Creator keeps breath in their bodies.  When a parent shows sincere love and appreciation for their children, they do come back around, but when they don't, children move on with their lives and forget about mom or dad during their senior years (if they live that long).

While they are growing up quickly, what this also means is that as parents we are getting older.  The reality hit me as I saw more and more grays show up on my head, aches that came out of nowhere, and thinning hair.  Yes, I am getting older, but I must say wiser too--thank you God!  My children have taught me and still teach me a lot about life as well.  They want so much and I just don't have enough time, money or patience to give to all four.  However, what I have been doing in recent years is trusting in God more and instructing the children to seek him for direction on their life's purpose.  They are never too young to learn that we are made up of mind, body and spirit!

So we pray, I tell them stories about childhood, I warn them about pending dangers, and I encourage them to look up things to help them in their future endeavors. 

Life is indeed short and I have also talked to them about my passing whenever that might be--I don't know anything, but they should be prepared.  A morbid conversation, I know, but we just aren't promised tomorrow.  It is so important that we leave good information, family history, photos, and more to help them grow in knowledge, wisdom and love.

Feel free to check out YouTube channel NM Enterprise 7 for spiritual life lessons, wisdom and freedom from the things that emotionally and physically bind you this day!

Season Greetings!


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