If I Knew Then What I Know Now...

If I knew that parenting would set me back so far professionally, I would have been more cautious about bringing children into the world during my 20s.

If I knew that I would have been divorced, I would have never got married (twenty-something) in the first place.

If I knew that I would have to be more patient, kind, forgiving, loving, etc. to others, I would have gone to church sooner rather than later and attended bible studies in my youth rather than spend so much time joining clubs.

If I knew that family wasn't going to help me pay off college and that I wouldn't be unable to purchase a home due to bad credit, I would have ignored them and went to a trade school or better yet remained at the job I had back then and moved up.

If I knew that all it took was to look like a 10, live in a location near wealthy men, and be at the right place at the right time...well what was the since in dating losers?

So the takeaway is to explain to children why it is so important to value their youth.  There is no returning to it or do-overs.  As parents we have to be mindful of things we tell them now that might negatively impact their future.  Dating, college, marriage, children, home ownership and more doesn't have to be all done prior to reaching 30.  Encourage them to pursue interests and if they don't appear to have any, well then take them places so that they can find some!  Those lazy evenings and weekends will soon be gone and what will they have learned? 

Funny how you look at your kids and think, "If I were you, I wouldn't...."  Fast forward to the future and they most likely will have their share of regrets too if they so choose to ignore sound wisdom or no one is teaching much of anything outside of school hours.  Show and tell children life's truths and hopefully something will sink in.


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