Patience, Protection, and Purity

If there are three words that came up often during my parenting very young children, like under the age of 5 for instance, is the need for patience--they simply cry or whine at times too much, safety items for their protection (and for me too)--way too curious and purity, far too many people simply don't like or care for childhood innocence (sigh).

We can all agree that there are some things about the world that we live in that is quite unsafe, impatient and doesn't care at times for things like righteousness, love, truth, honor, etc.  As I look at my children, I see aspects of myself when I was their age and I cringe when I think about the things I was exposed to. 

Two of my four sons aren't babies and toddlers anymore, but they had been back when I started this blog--so glad those tough times are behind us!  The boys are school-aged, one will be in the sixth grade in August 2017, the other will be in the fourth grade, another in the 11th grade and the eldest of the four sons graduates this year, Class of 2017--time sure flies when you are finally able to appreciate the time with your children!  I admit during the early days I didn't but I got through due to prayer and reaching out to others for mental, physical and spiritual assistance i.e.) my blog When Mothers Cry which was created for therapeutic reasons during the early days of my motherhood journey of two more boys (sigh).

These days one of my sons is practically obsessed with recording his findings wherever he goes.  He mastered his digital camera something like this within days of receiving it and his brother spent more than enough time shooting us with a similar one. So weeks later both were curious about my camcorder the Sony HDRCX455/B Full HD 8GB Camcorder which my third son broke shooting his version of the most recent Jurassic Park movie (I was fuming--my camera was less than two years old!) 

After over a year of my third son not having a camcorder but really wanting one, I decided to get he and his brothers a well-recommended and reasonably priced  Besteker Portable 1080P this past Black Friday. No, you never heard of it, but can I say it works and the reviews on it weren't false.  I wasn't the least bit interested in paying almost $400 for a brand name camcorder no matter how badly he wanted it--especially when nowadays most people use their phones to record.  Besides my children have a couple out of service camera phones that they tinker with every now and again too.

Anyway back to patience, which I ran out of after the repeated requests to buy this and that.   Then the thought that I didn't bother to buy insurance protection for any of the cameras comes to mind.  As for purity, they are strongly cautioned to watch what they record and no offensive uploads are acceptable otherwise they lose their electronics for an undetermined amount of time.

We are still praying like we did when I started this blog, still growing, and excited about the future! Subscribe for periodic updates on our lives and other useful practical information about the basics of all things related to parents and children on this blog.  Thanks much to all those who have been with us for years, most appreciate your continued support!  Please share blog link, blessings to you and your family!


Yeah, I know, my fourth son was unavailable like Sasha was for her dad's fairwell address--lol.  If kids aren't busy taking exams, they are playing sports, video games or making money like my eldest son.  We miss you, love you, Dom!  Check out his YouTube channel for amusement. Dom Kemp

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