5 of the Most Challenging Times in Parenting

When you spend much time with other parents you discover that many have similar stresses when it comes to raising children.  There are five things that repeatedly came up in conversation when I talked with other parents who felt like they were at their wits end about children at times like myself. 

1)  Chronic crying

"What is it now?"  You go through the long list in your head of what might be the problem and you still can't figure it out.  Once the crying starts it seems like it is endless.  You anticipate the day they "grow out of it" the whining, screaming, etc.  But as they get older, those periodic reminders show up and you remember why you will not have another baby again!

2)  Accidents or on purpose stuff

Sure, they never meant to do it, but sometimes they do.  Children have accidents that can make you start fantasizing about going to the moon.  But when they do things on purpose with a coy look--uh oh, better call on the other parent, "Come get your son...daughter!"

3)  Sibling rivalry

The children started out as friends, but now are the worst of enemies!  Another shove, bite, kick, or scream from pain, "Enough already!" And if that isn't bad your partner is ineffective and sometimes an aid to the household drama (sigh).

4)  Pushy people

These are the type that don't consider your feelings, time or energy when they ask to see you and your children or want you to tote them to yet another event that the baby and/or kids will be a challenge to settle down.

5) Lack of money

You might know the feeling when your baby or child needs something and you can't meet their needs or have to delay them.  Pride gets in the way of asking someone for help, a difficult former or current partner doesn't want to cough up the money for any number of reasons, and once again you end up stuck with a cheap item or service.

We all have our highs and lows when it comes to children and this is all the more reason to think deeply, act carefully, and don't take any chances having other children or attempting to parent someone else's children when you have a hard enough time with the ones that are already here.

Nicholl McGuire is the author of When Mothers Cry and maintains this blog, reach out if you would like to advertise on this site or make a blog entry contribution linking back to a web page.

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