Now that the Children Got Almost Everything...

So they got almost everything that they wanted and now you are faced with a bill you would rather not face. Never fear the Internet is here to help you get back on track and prepare for the next Christmas season.

First things first, total all the bills you now owe.

Second, take the smaller bill and pay that off first while paying about $10-$20 above the minimum of your other bills.

Third, create a plan on how much you are able to pay toward your next highest bill once the other is paid off as well as how long you think it will take to pay it off.

Fourth, don't accrue anymore debt. If you don't have the cash to pay for it, don't do it!

Fifth, birthdays will have to come and go. So what that someone thought of you and the family and bought you something nice! Listen if you could do it, you would, but you can't so you won't. If you allow yourself to feel obligated to pay someone back, then you are adding unnecessary stress to your already hectic life.

Sixth, if it isn't on sale, don't bother.

Seventh, observe your lifestyle. What could you absolutely live without? Then sell it, get rid of it, or reduce it. Examine how your children live and do the same for them, sell it, get rid of it, or reduce it.

Hope these simple tips help get you on your way to reducing your debt and spending this year!

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