You Aren't Alone: Ten Things Every Parent Experiences When It Comes to Their Children

Don't let those "been there done that" parental types throw you off! They may have forgotten what it was like when they had children, so they would love to make you think that "I never had the problem..." but the truth is they did have that problem, it's just that they were so angry when it happened they lost their minds! So here is a list of ten things that any parent who is honest will admit, "Yes, we had the same problem!" If they didn't have it during their child's toddler years they had to deal with it during the tween or teen years! Take a look...

1. Temper Tantrums when you take something away. Temper Tantrums because they wanted to go somewhere else other than back at home again. Temper Tantrums because they don't like what you cooked. Temper Tantrums because they need a nap!

2. Talking back. Whether loud so you can hear or under their breath, it's all the same thing!

3. Lying. Whether a little one or a big one, they all lie about something.

4. Tattle-telling. He say she say and he did and she did, but never the complete story on what "I did..."

5. Incomplete or inaccurate story-telling. They tell a story in such a way to your partner so that he or she becomes furious with you or so that you won't become angry at them.

6. Broken toys, broken dishware, broken picture frames, broken*t happens!

7. Lost things. "I don't know where my toy is mommy? I don't know what I did with my..." They will forget where they last left something.

8. Everything that they shouldn't hear or say they want to say or hear it!

9. They love everyone but you, because you are the enforcer! They love you when you do everything for them! "Your the greatest...I love you!"

10. There will come a time that you will either think about spanking them or actually do it! Don't beat yourself up about it!

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