Save Yourself Some Stress: Don't Take The Children

As mothers we get so wrapped up into our children that sometimes when we have the opportunity to go some where without them, we take them anyway. We need to stop that! Those little blessings of freedom to be alone are heaven sent! I know sometimes we are thinking that we should give our mate some time alone too especially those of us who are stay-at-home mothers, but the truth is he finds the time for himself. Whether he sits in the car alone during his lunchbreak, drives around town or shops alone without you and the children in tote, he makes sure he gets the time he needs to be alone; therefore, that is what we should do too!

I have the children's schedule on the fridge, I have leftovers placed in plain view in the fridge and everything is organized so that he can find it --which means if I need to leave I can. So as I write, I am thinking about the store I wanted to go in but I couldn't take the children into it because the stroller was too big and I am thinking about the restaurant I haven't visited in awhile and I am also thinking about going to the movies, the department store and the shoe get my point! So I'm going to take advantage of my free time as soon as I can get it! Start making out your plan ladies and remember don't take the children!

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