Your Child Having Problems With Speech?

We noticed that one of our sons wasn't doing so well when he tried to speak to us. He was about four years old at the time when he began to talk rapidly and stutter. Everyone told us he would grow out of it. Well he is now 9 years old and at times he has his good days and other times his bad ones. He sees a speech pathologist while he is in school, but I haven't noticed where it helps him that much. What I do like is the support he is given by the teacher and his classmates which keeps his self confidence intact. He hasn't had any issues with teasing that has affected him negatively and I hope he continues to keep his head up. I conducted an Internet search and found that there is actually no cure for stuttering unlike some people would have you believe. It seems that the one who stutters has to be the one to face his challenge everyday and work hard to overcome it. Search "Speech Language Therapy" for the latest resources.

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