10 Cheap Family Activities For Every Parent

If you're looking for family activities to do with your children, and don't want them to cost a fortune, then why not consider some of these exciting things you can do.

1. Just spending time with your children playing board games, or dressing up, or reading with them, will be very rewarding. Perhaps you don't get the chance to spend as much time with your children as you'd like to, so why not do something they like doing?

2. Going for walks can be great exercise for all the family, as well as fun and educational. Why not go to the countryside and see what wildlife you can see, or find out more about the area where you live, or put on your wellies and go out in the rain, and jump in some puddles or find some mud to play in!

3. Maybe your children love going to the park, so why not take them more often? You could take a football or a frisby, as well as playing on the slide and swings. Letting your children run around with others their age is a great way for them to make new friends, and also to let off steam.

4. Your children might benefit from going to museums and art galleries, especially if they're studying something specific in history or art at school. You could help them learn more about a certain period of time, or artist, and help them with their schoolwork at the same time. You might enjoy visiting a museum or gallery you haven't been to in a while too.

5. Are your children too young to appreciate your favourite sports? Why not see if they'd like to go to a football or rugby match, or maybe they've been inspired by watching tennis or motor racing on TV.

6. Does your gym have children's classes? Remember that if you don't take your health seriously, and watch what you eat, you can't be surprised if you're children are unhealthy. Instead of watching TV, or spending time on the computer, why not suggest going for a bike ride, or swimming?

7. Getting your children interested in cooking from an early age, can promote healthy eating, and ensure that they understand the importance of eating good quality fresh produce, and get their five portions of fruit and vegetables a day. If you eat a lot of fast food, or unhealthy snacks, your children are likely to want to as well.

8. Don't forget to encourage your children to spend time with their friends. Maybe your children could invite a couple of friends round for tea, or to play. Why not see if you can become friendly with their parents, and they might repay the favour?

9. An afternoon doing arts and crafts is a great way to spend time with your children. Why not encourage them to be creative and artistic? Perhaps they'll enjoy colouring pictures, or making collages, or following instructions to make a model, or create something useful and practical.

10. Gardening can be fun for all the family, so if you've got green fingers, why not let your children help you with your gardening ideas and plans? They could have their own area of the garden, or plant pots, and grow their own seeds, and see how they do.

Now you know what sort of things you can doe with your children, and that they don't have to be expensive, what other family activities can you think of?

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