My Baby Won’t Sleep At Night, Top Tips To Help Babies Sleep

All the experts tell you that your baby should start sleeping through the night at about 3 months. But my baby won’t sleep at night, I hear you say. Babies are curious little creatures. They are like little sponges learning and observing all the time. As they get used to a routine, and things become more familiar, your baby could soon start to associate sleep time with time that mommy isn’t there. It’s called separation anxiety and it’s a normal part of development for many babies. But it can be especially trying for parents, as babies can be particularly strong-willed, especially about bedtime! The last thing you want is for baby to wake up regularly at night crying for you so often that it becomes routine.

You may be introducing some new baby foods around now, and this can help your baby feel sleepy as their bodies adjust to digesting food instead of just milk. Remember to introduce new patterns gently and slowly. If the baby isn’t going to sleep or keeps waking up and crying for you, then it’s time to teach yourself baby sleep techniques that you can use to break this habit and help baby sleep at night again. This also results in more sleep for you too!

Don’t change your nighttime sleep routine for your baby. You can still start out with a warm bath, a good feed, and a bedtime story. Rocking and snuggling, singing or reading – these are all important bonding times for mother and baby, and can help baby sleep at night. If baby doesn’t fall asleep right away, try putting her in her crib with the rocker or glider right next to the crib, singing or reading to her. You can sit by the crib and rub or pat her back.

In a week or two, move your chair a short distance away from the crib, so the baby can still see you, but you are starting to edge towards the door. You should continue to talk or read or sing. If she cries for more than 10 or 15 minutes, then get up and comfort her, but put her back down in the crib and go back to your chair.

In another week or two, move your chair even closer towards the door. Even these small changes could be upsetting for your baby, so be patient and be prepared to take a small step back towards the crib for a day or two before edging towards the door again. This is a time that can be spent productively. You can fold her laundry and put it away, sort out bath towels, or pair the families socks together, talking to her all the time, so she’s aware of your presence, but your attention isn’t focused totally on her. This way she can get used to the idea of separation gradually.

If you find these tips helpful, and they work for you, then great! Well done you! But if you find this advice is not working, or just seems to be taking too long to accomplish, then there are many more techniques you can learn for making baby sleep through the night.

By: Sophie Bright

If you find your baby still wakes at night, teach yourself baby sleep techniques that worked for me on my son. Click Here! Or read more of my tips here: Sleep Routines For Babies Wishing you a good night's sleep, Sophie x

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