Be Prepared: Babies Will Fuss, Cry & Sleep When Bombarded with All the Celebrating

Prepare for the highs and lows of your baby this holiday season.  With so many eyes, hands, and noise, poor baby is going to fuss and cry.  Throw in a few people who might be ill or recovering from an illness and your baby just might catch something too. 

Think about your baby's day in advance.  How much will you need to carry along with you to a family event?  How long will you be staying?  What does your baby typically drink/eat?  Who will be permitted to handle your baby?  Who will watch your newborn when you can't?  How many children approximately will be present?  The more activity you bring your son or daughter into, the more you will need to consider.

New parents make mistakes when they bring babies into public gatherings without planning properly.  Think about how warm the environment is going to be, the space, whether you will be able to change baby comfortably, and whether you need to bring baby's highchair and play yard.  It would make sense to dress baby in layers and then proceed to shed those layers off depending on the temperature of the atmosphere.  You would also want to bring whatever is necessary so that both you and baby are comfortable unless you plan on holding your baby the whole time.  Babies don't like to be passed around after awhile.  Their little bodies begin to ache and skin can get irritated from all the kisses and rubbing on their skin.  They also will begin to sneeze from various perfumes, food smells, and dust particles from people walking near them.

If you should bring your baby to any public event, do remember to do the following (some of these tips can be applied to your older children as well if you have any):

1.  Swaddle baby when tired and fussy.  Be sure you are in a quiet place when trying to get him/her to nap.

2.  Don't sit in drafty areas or where many people are walking by your baby.

3.  Don't leave your newborn or child unattended anywhere assuming that people are paying attention to him or her.

4.  Watch how much your baby is eating or not eating.

5.  Change diapers like you would at home and try not to put diaper changes off.  Be careful who you select to change your baby's diapers.  Not all people (including certain family members) are clean, trustworthy, know what they are doing, or do well with babies and children.

6.  Bring play yard, toys and high chair when you know a place is ill-equipped.

7.  Take along change of clothes, food, utensils, bottles, wipes, medicines, and anything else you know is a must-have when traveling with baby/children.

Print these tips out to help you remember to prepare your son or daughter's items the night before.  Most partners will frown on how much one might be carrying to a family's home, but you may not have to bring as much stuff if you keep the visit short.

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